Winter Camp Program #3

Winter Camp Program # 3 going live in 3 days!  We’re enjoying a gentle winter, welcoming campers this weekend, January 15-18, to our 3rd Fall & Winter camp program of this season.  Our recent winter camp holiday week was lots of fun.  We celebrated in the afterglow of Christmas and Chanukah.  A New Year’s eve talent show saw many lively acts take the stage area in our winter camp lodge.  It feels very homey here.  Many summer staff wonder how camp looks in winter, and some are making their way back to camp to work with us and see for themselves.  High Falls and our campus setting is beautiful all year, and has a special cozy feeling in winter.  Our Medical Director Margaret designed a very wonderful holiday camp shirt, that was immediately cherished by all campers and staff.  Campers helped make food, set tables and clean up, exercising their community-based skills.  Staff added helpful support to guide campers through daily routines.  New campers felt at ease and got quickly caught up in the momentum of the Huntington spirit.  Our staff continue to amaze with their commitment to all campers’ well-being and enjoyment.  The level of respect and consistent encouragement for independence-building staff provide campers is inspiring.  We even had a couple of young ones join us, Danny’s children, Oriana and Zohar, enjoyed music activities with Ella, and our New Year’s Eve revelling.  A mini snowstorm blanketed us, which transformed campus into a plush snowy paradise.  It was truly a winter camp program, week-long format, to allow us more time to develop a solid rhythm.  Sledding and exploring our wintery world filled a whole day of activities.  Camp is a magical place that can make even the most cautious child feel like there’s something worth reaching out for.  Curiosity shines at camp.  Camp has an alluring pulse that calls to a child’s deepest sense of playfulness and being included in inviting play and constructive activities that are challenging and fun.  These are the special rewards that occur naturally at camp.  We invite your child to come play with us this summer at our biggest stage, and where miracles happen every day.