Medical & Medication Info

The Medical Director and infirmary maintain and dispense camper medication during the day. We require our health form to be completed by the camper’s physician and parent with all current medical information within three months prior to their arrival at camp. While at camp, your child is covered by our accident and liability insurance. Parents will be responsible for all other medical bills, such as visits to a doctor, dentists, optometrist, x-rays, hospitalization and any prescribed medication. Parents should send their child’s medication for the entire summer, two weeks prior to the start of camp.

Campers who require medications, different dosages or supplements will be assessed extra medication fees as per our payment information sheet in our camper application. Since only a certain portion of our campers take medication, these fees go toward additional nurses hired for this purpose.

To ensure the safety and accuracy of the dispensing of medication at camp, we require that all prescription and over the counter medications are provided by CampRx. Please visit for more information.

Health and Safety

Every provision has been made for guarding the health and well-being of all campers in our charge. One on-site nurse, LPN or higher reside on campus at all times for 24-hour coverage for medication and health care needs. A local doctor’s office and registered nurse provide consulting for medication accountability and general oversight to ensure the highest level of health care to your child. Physicians are on immediate Call Toll Free. The Kingston Hospital is within twenty minutes by car from our facility.

New York State Health Authorities exercise strict supervision and inspection over the health and sanitary conditions of our camp. Nurses, unit coordinators and bunks counselors inspect campers’ health daily.