Adult Residential Programs

We are developing short and long-term adult residential programs that intend to launch in Fall, 2021. For more information, please email our Executive Director to schedule an eligibility assessment,​, or call: 845-687-7840.

The Huntington camp spirit

The Huntington camp spirit will extend into this special program and “life services” supervision design. We’ve spent 15 years surveying other year-round programs, and while there are many options available, for various reasons, they do not fit our population in the way that we are designing this special program.
The program intends to utilize our winterized recreation center in our upper campus for day programming. Daily skills classes, and links to local college programs will be established, and where we will be able to provide the support our residents need for success. Job training and supported employment are planned for all residents. Social and self-reliance practice opportunities will be part of everyday life. Residents will be able to age in place. We will incorporate all existing benefits and help maximize State agency supports for daily living and residential living and care supports.
We will purchase, lease or construct housing that will be single-family occupancy with 4-5 separate bedrooms for residents and care aides. 24-hour live-in care will be available.
All services will begin with an initial assessment to evaluate eligibility, leading to a roommate pairing process.
With over 500 families in our network with children 18 years and older, we want to make sure our returning families have the first opportunity to let us know your interest level.
Please email us to schedule an assessment. Assessments are being developed to begin in February, 2021.
More details will be announced as program development continues.