Our fun and exciting programs at Camp Huntington build teamwork, increase independence, develop a sense of community and encourage campers to find strengths and talents that bring out hidden abilities!

Campers participate in activities that are therapeutically designed to be safe, fun and nurturing, and which vary from Summer Camp to Weekend Camp programs, including:



Swimming is one of the most popular activities during the summer, sounds of our campers having fun in the pool can be heard throughout camp! Our campers swim at least once daily, sometimes twice. Our instructional swim is adaptive, and varies depending on the camper’s ability. Three lifeguards and a special buddy system are used to ensure waterfront safety.


Our music program awakens the hidden abilities of campers through participation in singing, drumming, playing many musical instruments, both traditional and camper-made. Campers can find their own music voice and the opportunity to enjoy self-expression. Many musical styles are featured, from pop to rock, country to jazz. Music is definitely a favorite throughout the summer. Fine and gross motor skills are emphasized.



Our spacious social hall features camper talent shows, dances and performances. During the drama program, campers will experience interactive and create processes by participating in activities such as; role playing, dancing, puppetry, theater and group-dynamic games. The drama program enhances many skills but puts a particular emphasis on developing and practicing social skills.



We have a full range of sporting equipment, basketball courts and fields. Fun-filled non-competitive games are planned. Campers are provided with limitless encouragement and assistance that allows them to participate in: baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, badminton, miniature golf and many of our own camp created sports and games.



Our 8-element ropes course provides and fun and challenging activity for campers, and is a great place to work on team building, communication and trust. It combines a 200-foot zip line, spider’s web, tire-swings, group balancing games and more. An indoor climbing wall provides great exercise and a fun rainy day option.



This program incorporates painting, drawing, sculpting, and group projects. Campers are involved in creating decorations for the proms, and for making props and costumes for our themed fashion shows. In addition to providing some good old fashioned fun and encouraging creativity, our arts and crafts program is the perfect setting in which to work on fine motor skills and eye hand coordination.



Our cooking program, which emphasizes life and community skills such as culinary and home economics, allows campers to work through the entire process of creating a family meal. Campers are involved in every step of the process. They begin with a budget, prepare a shopping list, shop for the necessary ingredients, prepare the meal together with their bunk mates, enjoy the meal together while practicing appropriate table manners and clean up as a group when they are through. Not only will this provide practice for preparing meals independently in the future, but also promote an understanding of the amount of work that goes into meal preparation and an appreciation for those who do it for them now!



Our life skills program begins by assessing the present level of each camper’s independence. This assessment allows us to determine if a camper needs to begin with personal daily living skills such as brushing teeth, showering and hair care, or is ready to work on more complex skills such as pre-employment activities. These may include following multi-step oral or written instructions, identifying satisfactory task completion, taking inventory in our canteen or helping to prepare meals or set up the dining hall for lunch or dinner. Meaningful practice and frequent repetition, along with other individualized teaching methods are used to ensure that all campers make progress that will generalize to other settings allowing for meaningful community participation.



Our FunAc program works on a variety of academic and vocational skills. The focus is primarily on skills required for the workplace such as filling out forms, increasing both written and oral communication skills, and working on money skills. Goals are tailored to each camper’s particular needs. The individualized activities are initially based on our assessment during the camper application and interview process, and a camper’s current IEP and continually modified as we learn more about campers skills and needs. The program uses a money based token economy in which campers can earn money for positive participation, work completion and progress toward goals which can later be spent at the Fun Ac store. Campers can decide whether to spend earned money each session or save up for more valuable items. Either way, they are responsible, to the maximum extent possible for taking charge of their own money, calculating how much they have available to spend, how much their desired item costs and what their current FunAc balance is.



Our new garden is the center of the gardening program. Campers are responsible for watering and maintaining the garden throughout the summer, picking and harvesting the fruits and vegetables that we grow, and delivering them to the kitchen. Campers will also help to plant seeds throughout the summer, and make sure all the flowers around camp have enough to drink during the hot months. Developing leisure skills is often an effective way to encourage community participation and can also lead to vocational opportunities.



This new and exciting program encompasses several different mediums to create wonderful end products. The campers will alternate taking part in woodwork activities and doing pottery activities. Campers will also be involved in using fabrics to design flags for the bunks, and for designing and making their shirts for the olympics. This program will develop both fine and gross motor skills while encouraging sensory exploration and tolerance of new and different textures.



From table football and playing wii, to the jungle gym and the swings, there are plenty of play areas for campers to enjoy. Our indoor games room is the perfect place for our campers to spend rainy days, encouraging socialization with friends and other social skills.



The nearby Braden Brook stables hosts our horseback riding program. A former special education teacher runs the stables. All levels of riding ability are welcomed. Long pants, boots or shoes with heels (½ inch minimum) are required. Riding helmets are provided. A walking assistant along with the horse’s aide supervises all novice riders. This activity is an extra cost, please inquire if interested.

On-site camp activities (weather permitting):

  • Ropes course
  • Playground
  • Sports
  • Sledding
  • Basketball
  • Slip N Slide
  • Fishing
  • Cooking
  • Wii
  • Music
  • Hiking
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Drama

Off camp activities include:

  • Local events; harvest festival, food festival
  • Kingston boat ride
  • Lake Minnewaska
  • Farmers market
  • Woodstock Animal Farm Sanctuary
  • Horseback riding
  • Swimming – YMCA
  • Apple picking
  • Pumpkin picking at Kelder’s farm
  • Bowling
  • Movies
  • Walkway over the Hudson
  • Mini golf