A specialized skill training program

embedded in our traditional camping program.

This program allows campers to be excused from certain activities during the week to gain independence and work on job skill development. Individual schedules will be set up with opportunities for the campers to practice the types of social skills that strengthen and advance existing abilities and encourage success in community participant, while encouraging the camper to take responsibility and practice independence.

The skills that the Team Leadership members can be involved include, but are not limited to; food prep, office work, filling, shredding, uploading and tagging photographs, taking inventory and delivering supplies to the bunks, maintenance assistance, dining room set up, taking stock, ordering and running the staff canteen, assisting in program areas and delivering the mail.

These campers will also have a more pronounced responsibility at camp, they will be encouraged to work independently, and will have the opportunity to work as a team and be involved in the running of camp; helping to teach Saturday electives, being involved in the Prom Committee and putting together a newsletter.

Admission requires assessment of ability and appropriate supervision ratio.

The same base tuition applies per session choice