Recreation program

Summer Camp Programs for Special Campers

Recreation program for social and life skills development

Fee Plan For Recreation Program is as below

Recreation is for campers who have begun their journey towards greater
independence and also rely on additional supports to maintain involvement and achievement levels and continue to guide and empower their engagement in functional task practice.

Recreation is based upon the therapeutic aspects of the Camp Huntington ethos, to enrich a camper’s summer experience via a range of activities that promote meaningful skills practice and motivate acquisition. Campers engage in many different daily programs which lead to self-leisure resource development, physical play and academic learning, and exposures to “next level” skills learning.

This program allows campers that may not thrive in a traditional style program designs to combine having fun with skill acquisition content. For example, a camper engaging in our arts and crafts and music programs develop fine motor skills by being taught how to paint with a paintbrush or playing musical instruments using small muscles in the fingers, thumb, hand and forearm.

Activities promote gross and fine motor skill development, while addressing sensory and behavioral needs, instruction comprehension, social, problem solving and communication skills which are transferable to most common life scenarios. Campers in this program require 1:2 supervision.

This program is perfect for those campers who want to engage in all elements of our enriched program without focusing heavily on independent living skills like our