Participation Program

Summer Camp Programs for Special Campers

Participation program for social and life skills development

Fee Plan For Participation Program is as below

Participation is for a child who is striving to gain the awareness, interest and involvement necessary for recreational activity enjoyment and life skills learning. They require individualized sensory and behavioral supports to help guide them to develop and expand their flexibility, attention span, task awareness and interest and learning comprehension for activity participation.

Participation engages a child in an intensive daily practice and acquisition schedule to take them to the next level of where their gifts and talents are guiding them. Participation aligns with our mission and ethos to provide a safe, enriching and successful summer experience for our amazing campers. This program includes 1:1 supervision. Participation allows a child to be completely immersed in all elements of our therapeutic recreation program with individualized supports appropriately designed for their needs. This program is perfect for campers who have additional care needs who want to go to camp for a fun, summer vacation with purposeful daily activities. It allows campers of all ages to socialize, build friendships and engage with our vibrant camp community by participating in sensory and craft activities, physical activities, academically-based activities and life skill activities in a group setting. As with all of our programs, behavior support and incentives are incorporated.

Five key areas within this program

encourage children who are striving to make changes:

Curriculum and Learning Environment (communicating basic desires within an authentic setting)

Social/Emotional Behavior (acquiring skills to build appropriate and successful interactions)

Communication Skills (translating a child’s personal communication methods, gestures, facial expressions, etc, into generalizable abilities)

Independent Functioning (vocational skills building, community participation training)

Health and Related Services (careful medical supervision, and as needed, PT, OT, and Speech Therapy).

Valuable Activities

Camp Huntington provides valuable recreational, educational and therapeutic activities in a beautiful outdoor setting. The camp experiences allow for a summer that is fun and stimulating for the camper. It provides a safe atmosphere in which to expand minds, physical ability and creativity.
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Social Skills

The camp setting is ideal for learning and generalizing social skills. Campers live in groups that vary in size from three campers with two counselors, to eight campers with three counselors. The low counselor-to-camper ratio allows staff members to ensure that all campers participate in each of the daily activities to the maximum possible extent. Music, Drama, Arts & Crafts and Swimming are always among the favorites of this group.