Summer Camp Programs for Special Campers

Independence program for social and life skills development.

Fee Plan For Independence Program is as below

Independence is for campers who are already experiencing general success with self-esteem and personal capabilities, performing daily living skills with less support; able to engage in daily camp activities, communicate desires and preferences consistently with less prompting and behavioral supports, requiring generally less supervision; Staff support ratio for this program is: 1:3+ (ratio must be suitable for your child’s needs).

Independence provides recreational camp activities for enjoyment and to advance existing skill levels, offering more practice opportunities and assistance to set stronger foundations to generate greater skill acquisition that will aid in securing employment, more successful socialization, greater facility with activities of daily living (ADL), independence, self-regulation and community integration. Our food services program will be a primary activity focus of Independence , where campers have the opportunity to engage in all elements of meal preparation, sanitary process and general cleanliness, table setting, serving and clean-up skills, and overall dining hall operation.

We are excited to announce our very own laundromat this summer where campers in Independence will gain invaluable living skills by washing their own clothing, sorting, folding and organizing their belongings on a daily and weekly basis.

Campers in Independence will also have the opportunity to develop their vocational skills by shadowing and assisting the maintenance team, program counselors and working within the Young Leaders program.

At Camp Huntington, we are able to assist campers in gaining the independence they will need when they reach adulthood. While our program is designed to be recreational, we make sure that it is also therapeutic and educational. Campers may feel that they have been attending camp only for the purpose of having fun, but their fun-filled activities are preparing them for the years ahead. Campers work on necessary daily living skills socialization and cooperation.

Counselors assist campers in following a daily schedule. This schedule provides time for personal hygiene, bunk clean-up, cooking, music, drama, arts & crafts, gardening, swimming and many other important activities. We are also able to assist campers in the area of career education, by providing a vocational orientation. Our other activities serve a dual purpose. The daily schedule not only allows each camper to increase his/her fine and gross motor skills, self-esteem and socialization skills, but also assists campers in choosing leisure time activities.

There are counselors to assist with speech therapy, and to provide any occupational or physical therapy your child may require. It is our intention to provide campers with an enjoyable summer program that will prepare them for the years ahead.